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Quaker Parakeet

Myiopsitta monachus

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Quaker parakeet is a very nosy and intelligent bird. Thanks to that it is possible to tame it and teach to say. Even though it has quite a loud voice, more often we can meet them in our houses and aviaries. As quaker parakeet it is an only parrot which builds the nest from thin twigs, the observation of this parrot courtship rituals, especially the process of nest building provides remarkable impressions. Such a nest can be tremendously extended, since these parrots in the nature live in the colony. A few and even dozen of pairs build one shared nest. Of course each pair has separate entrance to separate nest chamber. These parrots have strong instinct of “attachment” to the nest. They often spend life all in one place. Rebuilding, repair they beloved family nest. Some breeders used these tendencies of quaker parakeet and permit them for free flights all over the area. I know a lot of such stories. Not all ended successfully. But it is a truth, that it is possible to keep these parrots on the loose. Sometimes in such breeding occur losses. quaker_parakeet The parrot will fly too far and won't come back or became a meal for the predator. However, in most cases attempts of such breeding ends with the success. Unfortunately, there is also another side of such breeding, the “fugitives” part which deals very well in the natural environment and then may lead to introduction of new species. It is legally forbidden. An example of introduction new species in the West of European Union is exactly Quaker Parakeet and Rose-ringed Parakeet. I suspect that in Poland due to harsher climate it would be more difficult. However, must be safe than sorry.

Considering the fact that in the nature quaker parakeet lives and breeds in colonies, the system of pains breeding also works in the “captivity”. Of course, if you want to breed the flock of quakers it is needed to ensure them appropriate size of space. Popularity increase in breeding of the quaker parakeet led to the creation of sequence vivid mutations of this nosy parrot.

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